Spongeforge addon trinity

Problem with the Trinity addon

When a bomb explodes

No proper destruction is expected

This is an addon to the nuclearcraft mod

On the magma core, the bomb from this addon normally destroys the landscape

On spongeforge no everything is crooked very much and not according to the idea of the fashion

Please dont dupe your posts.

If you wish for help on this. A log would be a great starting point

Hi, I will skin the magazine but will it help?maybe I should post a video.



Lines 659 to 677 are all errors. Can not copy and paste it due to horrible formatting on the page. My phone when highlighting it doesnt know what to do (next time please upload to a site that doesnt wrap text such as paste)

Also 1254-1297 are also errors. Both the errors are not sponge specific. The first looks like the developer didnt build the plugin correctly so MCP didnt apply.

Sponge is designed with the limits of MC in mind. So when a mod developer tries to do something that works but is unstable, sponge says “what’s going on here” and reports it to the console, normally in the form of a crash.

I can not seem to find anything like this here. Just a lot of messages stating that the server is behind ticks (normally implying that your trying to demand too much from what your running on). This could be to do with the error your having, or it could be that sponge is denying some unstable action from this mod.

Best bet is to get the errors fixed (maybe to do with them too), report it to the mod developers (and want on responses on this post … If there are any) and hope for the best

Yes I was told that sponge changes the mod method so they may not work correctly

And Yes it’s not a plugin it’s a mod:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/trinity

Actually sponge doesnt change mod methods, it adds methods in but doesn’t change current ones.

I do not know but the mod does not work correctly on the server core of spongeforge

Yes, i am aware of the point of your issue. I was mearly correcting a statement you made.

As no one better then myself at detecting these sorts of issues has responded then you can try sponge’s github issue board. But i would highly recommend, if you havent already, doing what I said before.

I’ll post a video on github sponge so can I?

Im not going to stop you. I will say all information is preferred. Video, text info and logs.

Here in this video you can see how the explosion does not pass correctly