SpongeForge + Applied Energistics - Chunk loading

I’m trying to find solution for problems with chunk loading/unloading and Applied Energistics.

The problem is caused by chunk loading/unloading. You can see on the picture, how this situation happen Screenshot by Lightshot

ME Import Busses are in another chunk and machines too. Problem is, that ME Import Bus is correctly connected to the network and won’t suck items from machine, because the Import Bus “doesn’t know about the machine”. Only way, how to repair this, break the Import Bus and place it again. After another chunk loading/unloading process is this problem appear again.

I’m using SpongeForge 1.12.2 Build 2851, MinecraftForge 2555 and Applied Energistics rv5 stable 5.

Does anyone know solution for this problem, please? I tried a few changes in sponge config, but without any success.
To make it clear, this problem is not on classic Forge server or in single player.

Thank you all for any help,