SpongeForge & Atum mod incompat


We are experiencing server crashes, with the mod Atum on our SpongeForge 7 server. Here is the console and errors … I have reported the same to the mod author. Let me know if you need any further info from us.


Unexpected World Change, is your server modded or vanilla?


Maybe this could help

“For the time being, go into config/sponge/global.conf and change cause-tracker.verbose to false. Requires server restart”


Modded and we are using SpongeForge


So is Atum installed as a mod or a plugin in this instance


atum is a mod … the server is crashing, so stopping the log would not help


Yeah that was just something i saw, what is your current sponge version on the github it seems this problem has been fixed multiple times and has come back multiple more



Really? I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try?