SpongeForge causes extreme tick lag when used with lucraft: core and sometimes crashes the server depending on the lucraft addonpack used

no plugins used just spongeforge, and for mods i use:


Im using only these mods and sponge on the server, but anything lucraft related causes slight lag when used with sponge

however when i use my lucraft addonpack:

and i transform into certain aliens (ben 10 addonpack) that uses /replaceitem and /clear and many command loops at the same time that normally wouldnt lag the server, suddenly with sponge the server is lagging like crazy, mobs would get hit and would be in the air for at least 10 seconds before landing and running away very slowly, and world chunks barely load while transformed as the alien, and eventually the server crashes

This crash is with other mods but i got the exact same crash when using the 2 lucraft mods only: