SpongeForge conflicting with world & entity generation in Realistic Terrain Generation mod

Hi there,

I’ve just set up a Forge server using Realistic Terrain Generation:

This is entirely fine and works very dandy, nothing wrong with it, the world generates fine, the trees look amazing, and there are animals everywhere.

Enter Sponge.
I installed Sponge because I wanted to have chest protection. I’m using this one currently:

(if anyone has better/alternate ones I’d love to hear them)

Now then, I deleted my world, restarted the server with Sponge, aaaaand the world gen was ruined.
The world itself still generated fine, except now the custom RTG trees had gotten overridden with standard vanilla trees. Odd, we thought, but we might be able to live with it. I started flying around to see what else had changed, and noticed that I couldn’t find any animals ANYWHERE. After a few minutes of flying I found a single sheep, standing by itself on a cliff edge.

I shut down the server, deleted the world, disabled sponge for a bit, and tried again. Everything was fine again, animals everywhere, trees looked wonderful.

Soooo, how can I stop Sponge from interfering with entity spawning and world generation? Right now it’d either be not having chest protection, and having proper trees and animals, or having vanilla trees, no animals, and actual chest protection.

Can anyone help?

Alternatively, if anyone knows of another Forge based chest protection system that would be neat too.

Thanks in advance!

Could you pastebin log files and tell us what versions of Forge, Sponge and RTG you have?

Forge was latest recommended version, 2011 I think it was.
RTG was snapshot 8.
MC was 1.10.2

Someone on the RTG forums said RTG wasn’t compatible with sponge, so I removed sponge from the server and restarted, I’m afraid I’ve lost the log files in the process :disappointed_relieved:

(For what it’s worth, RTG lagged a lot, so eventually we just opted for a pure vanilla server, it may have been fixable, but we’re just a group of friends who wanted to quickly set up a server to mess around in)