SpongeForge Crashing onSetPlayerManager

SpongeForge is not loading, I’m assuming due to an issue with another mod? It gets past loading the worlds, but then fails on “onSetPlayerManager”

Here is a pastebin to the log: http://pastebin.com/PMfWFnEV

Here is a pastebin of the mods I have loaded: http://pastebin.com/H1K7Qmkf

If anyone can give me any insight on what’s causing this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Note that I do not have any of the modules enabled at this point and no Sponge plugins installed yet.


This looks like a version conflict to me.
First ensure that Sponge and Forge are the proper version (latest sponge, corresponding forge). If that doesn’t work, try running a clean install and/or removing all mods.

#####Warning: removing mods and running the server may cause errors anyway, perhaps try a clean install?

Will try a clean install, though I imagine that will work. I guess I can try adding the mods one at a time to see what might be the cause.

I’m currently running Forge v.
SpongeForge v. 1.8.9-1763-3.1.0-BETA-1181

Everything I’ve read says that’s the correct version matching, though I might have not followed instructions clearly enough.

It looks like the overworld may not have loaded correctly. I don’t expect this to occur on the latest build of SpongeForge, so hopefully it works now.