SpongeForge doesn't support all of forge? Help me sponge devs!

I am making a BungeeCord server. There are two modded servers that have over 100 mods, I need sponge for plugins. SpongeForge does not support either of these versions of forge and the mods are unstable with any other version. forge-1.12.2- and forge-1.12.2- . If there is any solution or any way I could run SpongeForge on either of those to versions please tell me. Thanks! :grinning:

So one thing to note (I havent had time to look up your exact versions) is that sometimes having slightly different Forge number will still work.

If there is a version of Sponge that has a Forge version that is similar to your (but not exact), you might want to make a backup, and try that one.

Have you actually tried running SpongeForge in that environment? The build of Forge listed in SF is the minimum version needed to make it work; you should be OK using more recent versions of Forge, provided massive changes have not taken place. Give it a try and see.

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