SpongeForge Eclipse Setup

Excuse me, I’m a rookie in this, and I don’t know how to setup my gradle project to use spongeforge api… in the documentation i only saw about sponge api, not spongeforge. Again, I’m sorry if this sounds dumb.

What do you want exactly?

For a basic setup you only need SpongeAPI to compile your plugin. It will run with SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla then.

If you want to run and debug your project directly in eclipse however, that would be a more difficult thing to do and explain ^^

Maybe you could make a video tutorial for live debug in Intellij or whatever IDE you use :slight_smile:

@gabizou is way ahead of you.

Admittedly its for Intelij not Eclipse but “whatever IDE you use”


That being said, it all depends on the answer to @Blue question