Spongeforge (FTB ultimate reloaded) commands issues


I have a FTB ultimate reloaded server that I have set up and got sponge installed on, once sponge was installed the /help as well as /teleport and many, many other commands seemed to vanish completely, when I type in /help it displays that it is an unknown command, I have tried different versions of spongeforge as well as different versions of Nucleus. I know that sponge is/was working to some degree because the luckperms commands still respond with luckperms plugin information, but all others don’t respond with anything useful.

Just found out, all the commands work from the console just not in game.


My guess is that you were relying on /op before you installed LuckPerms. /op status is largely ignored by Sponge when you have a permission plugin installed. You’ll just need to apply the permissions for the commands you want to access and you should be able to see them again, in general, due to a recent commit plugin commands will be hidden if you don’t have permissions to view them

See https://docs.spongepowered.org/stable/en/server/spongineer/commands.html for permissions and whatnot.


okay, I will try that and see if that fixes, thanks for the quick response!