SpongeForge global.conf being somewhat ignored


We are experiencing some issues with some configurations found in the global.conf file, some settings are getting ignored in our server while some others do not. We set the settings while the server is off.

A setting we do note is not working is item-despawn-rate=, and the items take full 10 minutes before disappearing. We have tried doing fresh installs, backups, looking at the forge configurations and level.dat, but with no luck. The config keeps getting ignored.

The files we are using are:
Java 8u212
OS: Alpine Linux

Yes, we know the forge and sponge versions do not match, but we were suggested to use the up-to-date forge if we needed.

Help much appreciated

What other mods/plugins do you have installed?

I haven’t tested on that version specifically, but I have used item-despawn-rate successfully in the past. There is a chance that another modern plugin is overriding some things.

Also, make sure that when you update the config you are doing so while the server is off (or use /sponge reload -g, although I recommend turning off, editing, and turning back in)

Hi and thanks for the response!

There are currently no other mods/plugins in the mods folder.
I, too, have used this setting and got it to work in the past, but with no luck in the present :sob:

The server is off while we edit the .conf, and do /sponge reload -g after we enter the server.

I know this is a super weird “bug”; we are using a forge server and dropped the spongeforge in the mods!

Turns out, item-despawn-rate actually is ignored in the code (mostly).

On the technical side, it’s only used by the activation range code here. That code should really be checking against Keys.DESPAWN_DELAY instead.

If we do want that to be part of the configuration, it would need to be handled in the regular EntityItemMixin class.


So the option actually won’t work normally O_O that’s news to me since it have worked before.

Thank you for your response! (I don’t get these class things sorry)