Spongeforge; Not sure how to make sponge plugs sing with forge


So, long story short I’ve been tinkering with mods for an old map o’ mine, looking to re-vamp when the time was right for a forge server, but retaining sponge. Update times for mods meant “one true vanilla and one modded” sever.

So I’m lookin to have one 1.2 server forge/sponge, and one vanilla forever. That aside, I’ve been trying to forge mod up my old 1.2.2 server, and while forge runs great… sponge doesn’t seem to do anything, or I simply don’t know how to work it.

Guides say shove sponge plugins into the mods folder… did that, nothing.
Using the old 1.2 map locally for a test subject… Simply doesn’t work.
I’m running forge fine, server boots… Sponge forge plugin in mods, with the sponge mods… nothing.

Halp ples?


What forge mods and sponge plugins are you using? Also a log would be nice.


Also when you say 1.2… do you mean this version-ish: https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.2.3.html

?? because if so I am 99% sure that that from March of 2012 ish, and im 99.9999999% Sponge will not work with that…


*Wups, 1.12, sorry.
It was getting late, and I was getting cross eyed… Started seeing singles instead of doubles lol

Forge Version 1.12.2-14.23.5.(2772)
Latest version wouldn’t sing with one of the mods, so I had to settle for 2772.

Sponge-forge version 1.12.2-2768-7.1.6-RC3665
(Located in mods folder.)

No crashes to report, but plugins just aren’t loading in the game… forge works fine.
Plugins and Mods are subject to change… right now I’m just trying to decide what I want/vs what I can have, so She’s a bit bloated… and I’m literally trying to smoosh forge and sponge forge together on an existing map (copy), to see if it’ll sing, then shrink and balance later.

The server in question at the moment was initially running sponge to begin with. Mothballed that one after a time because my buds wanted the new minecraft oceans to go swimmin in(1.13 was out), and everyone’s had a time catching up with the latest MC releases… But that’s more information than you wanted, I’ll dive into plugins lol.

Last log will follow at the end to save your eyes.

Sponge plugs-

Bstats, Coins, EssentialsX, ExpBank, DiceFurniture, Furniturelib and Gui, Luckperms, MassiveCore, Sqlplayerdatabridge, PermsEx, Protocol Lib, Qwicktree, Residence, ShopChest, Vault, WorldEdit, Creativegates

Forge mods-(excluding Dependant libraries, because my hands are talkin to me.)-

Applied Energistics, buildcraft, davinchivessels, extracells, extreme reactors, floodlights, fossiles 'n arch, floodlights, Fureniku’s roads (with trucks), odd furniture mods, generators, guns, Industrialcraft 2, Just enough items, Jurassicraft, mobends, power suits, RedstoneArsenal, sereneseasons, the hunt, thermal expansion, weather2.

Thanks for your time folks, I do appreciate it.
Sometimes it’s nice to have a hand instead of banging one’s head against the same brick wall lol.

Edit: I tried to smoosh too many words into this.
Here is hyperlinkage to the latest log and debug.

Latest Log file
Debug File

Thanks again folks.


Hi. EssentialX is not a Sponge plugin. Im guessing you have the bukkit versions of the other plugins. Sponge can only load Sponge Plugins and not Bukkit plugins.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why this happens but here is the best place to get Sponge plugins.


Oh and just so you know. There is a crash. Starts with

[23:45:42] [main/ERROR] [mixin]: Catching
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: null


Ahhh, you’re right.
(I need sleep… nobody will let me lol)

Derp on my part.
I know where to head now.
Thanks much, sir!

I appreciate your time.