Spongeforge refuses to let players connect to the server



Why can’t sponge just not have an error that makes zero sense, I have tried removing every mod apart from sponge forge, it just tells me that the client is missing spongeforge (Player is missing mods: Sponge forge)

I’ve tried removing Applied energistics, same error
Random things, Same error
MTQfix, Same error

I am getting extremely frustrated because there is literally NO OTHER PERSON that has posted about this damn error.


Because it’s not made of magic, and cannot foresee all ends.

If you want help, then providing a list of the mods, versions, and a complete server log goes a long way. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and the more information the better.


FYI something failed in the early boot process. I can’t diagnose further until you provide the full debug log file.