Spongeforge server randomly stops during startup


Hey, I am trying to setup a spongeforge server and I am experiencing random shutdowns during the startup sequence.

It appears to be random when in the startup phase it stops, and there doesn’t seem to be any apparent reason for it to stop in the first place. This is the log output from my most recent attempt.

I am trying to use this modpack.
I had to disable the mod “phosphor” as it caused issues. I have done the changes to the FoamFix config as described in the common server errors post somewhere so there shouldn’t be a mod or config conflict anymore.

The plugins I have on the server are:

  • Luckperms
  • Nucleus
  • Sleepvote
  • Unity

The server is running the latest forge and the latest stable spongeforge (not the recommended one as it is not using latest forge)

Any help is appreciated.