[SpongeForge] Server Spam of GA-DataSendThread

I’m using the Sponge Official modpack converted into a server and I’m getting my server log spammed with this issue:

Wondering if anyone could chime in on the issue and how to get it to stop spamming. The server runs fine and there haven’t been any issues besides certain mods causing crashes, but that’s been on their own end.

Yeah, we had this crop up on the SF-SCS too. It’s a forge mod causing it, trying to send stats … I believe @Minecrell managed to get it to shut up, although I’m not sure how. Maybe he can share :wink:

Afaik @minecrell disabled snooper data on our server.

Yups, disabling stopped the spam.

Thanks so much for the help @Tzk and @Inscrutable .