SpongeForge Ticking World Crash Report

Hey everyone,

Veteran Bukkit server owner and coder (not in Java though) here. I have been following Sponge for a very long time and have been running a small server using alpha builds (and now beta!). Since I first started with Sponge, my server will randomly crash at times. I believe I’ve narrowed it down to a player being in a certain area of the map (near the spawn if that matters). It doesn’t crash immediately upon entering that area, but after a seemingly random amount of time it will. The linked crash report is running the recommended SpongeForge Beta build (1000) and no mods. However, the same exact error occurs on the latest SpongeForge (1095) with multiple mods installed.

Crash Report: pastebin.com/zbush2Sr

Any ideas as to what is causing this, either a SpongeForge error or a world corruption error? If it’s world corruption, is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advanced for any help,

You need to post the crash report with latest build. We do not support older builds. The current crash report is being caused by a corrupted chunk. You would need to either wipe out the region file in question so it could regen or regen the world if you need no data.

Have you tried removing spongeforge from the server and just running it as a forge server?

Hmm that’s what I feared might be the problem. Figured I’d see if there was a way around it maybe.

I will post latest build crash reports in the future! I usually run my server on the latest build. I thought maybe the recommended would have more support for help on the forums. Good to know!

Thanks for the help.

As an update to anyone who may find this thread later looking for a solution to this problem:

Looks like it was a chunk error. I ran an old chunk repair tool I’ve used back in Bukkit days called Chunkster and it seems to have solved the problem. My server has been running fine for just over a day now without crashing.