Spongeforge Updating for 1.10.2

There are a lot of packs now have updated to a higher forge version than what spongeforge have updated to I am curious as to whether the 1.10.2 line of sponge is still going to be updated.

If you’re worried about using a more recent Forge build for 1.10.2 than the one Sponge recommends, stop worrying and give it a try. Unless things in Forge change in a big way, SpongeForge can usually cope with it. (Always back up, just in case).

Yeah well due to my server crashing due to the mismatch of sponge to forge check the log below


hence the error

 The patch which failed requires Forge build: 
 but you are running build:  

So i guess i just have to wait and see if sponge continue development on the 1.10.2 line.

This seems to have started to occur with a lot of packs that are running forge versions higher than sponge and actually require the forge and sponge version to match.

You’re running an older build of SpongeForge for 1.10.2:
Go download the latest.


Whatever adds these messages (and makes it crash) is doing it wrong. It’s not Sponge that generates that, and it should work fine. However, running the latest SpongeForge build is generally a good idea.