SpongeForge with FTB Beyond, unable to enter Nether

Launcher Type Server

Modpack FTB Beyond

Modpack version 1.10

Details of the issue After enabling SpongeForge on a 1.10 FTB Beyond server, players are unable to enter the nether. I cannot directly tp into it either. Using nucleus /world tp DIM-1 simply gives an error saying You cannot tp into this dimension.

If a player tries to use a nether portal they get stuck in it and cannot move. A player has to break their nether portal for them to escape.

I have tried disabling netherportalfix.jar, however the world was initially generated with it installed
If i disable SpongeForge players can enter the nether.

If I enter the nether with spongeforge disabled and restart the server with spongeforge enabled, I connect in the nether. I can use a nether portal to leave. However, I am unable to return afterwards.

Any suggestions?

Changed Mods:
Added dynmap forge
Added Nucleus
Added Spongeforge
Added Open Terrain generation
Added Biome Bundle
Using SpongeBootstrap for AE2 integration
Set world to Biome Bundle
Switched to Forge verison 2281

I would try disabling mods 1 by 1 to hone in on which combination is causing the prob.

Can you paste your logs using a service like pastebin.com ?