Spongeforge wont recognize any plugin

Hi, me and some friends have a pixelmon server and we want to add some plugins. We have seen SpongeForge is a helpfull tool for that. although when we are in the server and type in /sponge plugins we only get 4 defaults plugins.

We have SpongeForge in mods folder.
Nucleus and LuckyPerms are in a extra directory “plugins” in mods folder.

Anyone that can help? Thanks.

Can you provide more information?
It would be useful to know the version of SpongeForge, Forge, and the two plugins being used.
Normally you can just put Sponge plugins in the mods folder, but mods/plugins should also work.
You can look at the server log and it might give you some idea too, or share a link to it here.