After creating a new world and using word edit for a schematic the server simply crashes after a few seconds.

Mods present : Pixelmon 4.2.3 - Custom NPCS 1.8.9 - SpongeForge-1.8.9_4.1.0_B_1285
Plugins : WorldEdit - Essentialcmds

CrashReport : http://pastebin.com/24wx6qwL


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it depends on the size off the schematic :wink: if it crashes ones just rejoin if possible or restart the server :wink: it should appear

the server crashes due to an overload rendering to manny blocks at once

Oh no the schematic is very small , it shows up correctly . After 10-20 seconds the server just crashes . Btw after the schematic is loaded i can freely move and break the blocks , i don’t have issues with that . The server just goes down .

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then just restart and you should be fine :slight_smile: still even if there are less blocks the server starts to lag wich makes it overload :wink:

So you are telling me that a 50 block schematic will make the server crash (I mean THE crash , i need to restart) every time , its non sense :confused::sob:

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imagine you opening 50 different games on your pc i gues your pc would blow up right? the same thing happens to the game if it has to load in 50 different blocks up > down > Left > Right dos’nt matter

also your server crash has to do with how many gigs you allocated to it

I have another server on the machine i just ran a test with WE , didn’t crash at all , (3.5 million blocks sphere ) i suppose the mods are the issue or sponge

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1 your server has to load all entitities wich are: NPC’s wich are: Pixelmon, Animal’s,Trainers, shorther said: Mobs wich are modded and vanilla then it has to load in all the blocks you spawned in by //schematic load and //paste

i know what i’m talking about :wink: i have ran a runescape server 3.5 Mill blocks you said? i had to copy paste (runescapes - Alkharid) wich was only arround 2Mill blocks

I then saved it as a schematic for a different server on the other server where i didnt had any mods and only WorldEdit i did //schematic load and //paste wich made the server crash so nope mods aint got to do with this :wink:

50 blocks is a tiny schematic. 552

I’m guessing something else is wrong.


UCHIJAAAA pixelmon{4.2.3} [Pixelmon] (pixelmon-1.8.9-4.2.3-universal.jar)

Pixelmon is currently infamous for this issue. They are modifying things when they shouldn’t be.

If it were open source I would attempt to debug it, but as they decline to share their source code it makes it incredibly hard to debug this.