Spongeplugin command on playerheads for pixelmon

hi im making a pixelmon server
and i have a pokeball playerhead and i want that head to have a command but i cant seem to find any good and or working spongeplugin that do this can someone help me with this pls?
thx in advance

How do you mean by “to have a command” as in when you right click with that item it runs a command?

i mean when you right hit it with your hand it executes a command (because the player head is placed on the ground)

Not sure if its what your after. But just a quick search in ore and found this.

no not at all (thx for the search anyways)
im go try to make a example
in a pixelmon server a player join (but not get the choose a free starter screen)
when the player reach the lab thee will be a NPC an 3 pokeball these pokeballs are playerheads spawned in with a command block and then placed down when the player hit / right click on the or against the playerhead a command or console command like /starter [player or @p] (Causes the [starter Pokémon] selection screen to open for the specified player. This will only happen if the specified player has not already chosen a starter Pokémon. If no player name is specified, the command will be used on the command’s user.
so just like you can give NPC’s a command or let them execute it its the same for playerheads or even if you want other items i hope this is a better example

You’re probably looking for something like the plugin BlockCommand! I personally use it for very similar things.

yes thats the one i try it and it works perfect thx so much