Sponge's Dependencies

Greetings fellow Spongians,

I’m in the process of portingparts of a plugin from Bukkit, and although I can’t at the moment use the SpongeAPI very much, I was wondering what dependencies were planned on being added to Sponge. At the moment, I see that Sponge is using slf4j, guava, and jsr305, but are these temporary? And are there any others that can be expected? Such as mysql-connector or sqlite-jdbc?

I know Bukkit came packaged with quite a few useful libraries, so it’d be nice to know if there are any currently planned for Sponge.

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Likewise! On Bukkit, I think I primarly used the EqualsBuilder, HashBuilder, and some of custom Maps from I think the Google Commons. Would be nice to know what libs we can expect to see in Sponge.

If you’re targeting Sponge, the Forge implementation of SpongeAPI, you will have all the libraries Forge uses too, see 1.8-rel.json


It’s called Guava now :slight_smile:

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Thanks, this is a good start. Of course Ill be looking forward to more potential additions to the SpongeAPI as well.

Much appreciated.