Sponge's Patreon

Hello everyone!

So I recently found out that Sponge has a Patreon page, and when I clicked on it, I was surprised to see such a lack in Patreons; with a community this large and used, I expected there to be more support financially for Sponge (Yes, I know they have Sponsors, and that’s really awesome). I understand that, like my own community, many of yours are small and generally under funded, but Sponge is the whole reason that modded public servers can operate.

I honestly believe that the lack of support is due to that people just don’t know about the Patreon (and perhaps because of the fee changes they proposed (but reversed)). So this post is about making everyone aware of it, and to ask everyone to chip in if they can to help Sponge grow and thrive!

I’ve chipped in on behalf of my community, question is, can/ will you?

All my love to the Sponge community, developers and staff, who are doing the most amazing job,

Alice Sellars

P.S. I hope this post is okay, if not, feel free to delete it.


Agree with that, I’d have started pledging before if I had found this patreon. It could maybe be displayed in the main page, along with the sponsors…


At the moment it’s below the Contribute section on the homepage, but unless you’re looking, you won’t really notice it.

Appears the Patreon is gonna get them over $100 this month. Good job, guys.