SpongeVanilla 1.19.3 Experimental Builds

Greetings Sponge Enthusiasts, I bring exciting news! Thanks to @zml and @Faithcaio we now have 1.19.3 SpongeVanilla Builds for you to try out!

Though there are some breaking changes under the hood between 1.19.2 and 1.19.3, these seem to mostly be confined to chat and most plugins should continue running unaffected.

Experimental Datapack (1.20 preview) - we have not implemented any changes with regards to this, you are free to test it out at your own peril, but we welcome any feedback you may have regarding functionality or potential breaks. (Though this is lower priority than ensuring general stability).

As always, use experimental builds at your own risk and be sure to BACKUP regularly! Of course, being experimental builds there may be issues we’re unaware of, if you happen to find any please report them to Issues · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub .

SpongeVanilla 1.19.3 Experimental Builds can be found here

State of Sponge

Get ready to join us for our next State of Sponge on 14th of January 2023 at 21:00 UTC. Another little get-together, we’re celebrating the release of our 1.19.3 experimental builds (and maybe using the opportunity to run some guinea pigs through the game to find any bugs that may be lurking!)

We’ll do our regular dev update, Q&A session and of course the opportunity for a little fun and chaos as the session evolves. Be sure to join us on block19.spongepowered.org and Twitch