SpongeVanilla Community Server


The SpongeVanilla Community Server is the long-running official sponge demo server that we also use for State of Sponge. It is kept up-to-date with the latest (stable) version of SpongeVanilla, and a smattering of plugins that seem either really cool or quite useful. The server (kindly provided by Creeperhost) is managed by a small team ostensibly led by @Inscrutable. It contains little to no FLARD.

Staff List
Admin: Inscrutable, Worm424, Minecrell, Gravityfox, Tzky, Ryantheleach, Me4502
Mods: Meronat, Vectrix
The server is accessible at the IP: demo.spongepowered.org

This thread is for discussion of the plugins, worlds, features and general layout and operation of the server. Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome. Please keep screenshots to a minimum, or post them in a separate thread.

If you have a bug report or other issue to report for the server, please post in a separate thread and add [SV] to the header so we can tell it apart from Block19 SpongeForge server issues.

New server Staff members will be dragooned by existing staff. Applicants need not apply.


HAAHHAA HA like posting that explicitly has ever worked for anyone… application-send link requests in 20…19…18…


Glad to see we have a sub forum now! Thanks FLARD. :tiger2:


Have to say, Those portals look pretty awesome.

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This Server maybe need a Chest Security Plugin.

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Keys seems like a suitable solution.

Yes why not. That sounds good.

I was just in the server, and I noticed that there are no warps when I entered /warps. Are there none, or is this broken?

It’s a new (RTG) world, so there aren’t many sites of significance yet. There are some warps, but they are currently staff-only to keep the new Stage site a secret. There will definitely be more after SoS happens.


Just an FYI SCS is now on 1.12.

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