Spongie's 4th Birthday Bash


Greetings to all! Spongie’s Fourth Birthday is rapidly approaching (September 8th UTC) and we’d like you to join our festivities to celebrate this special occasion! Given how you’re all such good friends with Spongie, we’d love to take a look at all the wonderful things you’ve done using Sponge for our birthday livestream.

The Sponge World Tour

Our big birthday bash will feature the Sponge World Tour, where volunteers from the Sponge Staff will visit a series of Sponge powered servers, in small teams. We will livestream the encounter, including all the fun and mishaps that occur along the way. We also plan to have the server owner(s) and their senior staff join us to walk both the streamers and viewers through their exciting servers. This allows us to discover first-hand what our users have been doing with Sponge, and also give the server folks a chance to show off.

Teams of our SpongePowered Staff Members will each visit a shortlist of servers, and spend ~10-15 minutes on each server (being flexible with timing). The whole stream might go for 2-3 hours, with interruptions. We’re also hoping to tie this into State of Sponge XVII, if schedules allow for it.

To accomplish all this, we need your help to find awesome Sponge Powered Servers! We are seeking EULA compliant servers that are using Sponge implementations. We’ve already come across a few that we plan on visiting, but we also want to hear from our amazing community. If you have an interesting, innovative or just downright exciting Sponge Powered server that you’d like us to visit, let us know!

Fill out the survey here!

We’d love to thank you all in advance for helping with our birthday celebration and can’t wait to see all the exciting and innovative servers that we’ll be visiting!

Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)



Modded servers included? Like pixelmon? Or other custom mod packs?


Vanilla and Modded servers are acceptable, as long as they adhere to the EULA.
SpongeVanilla, SpongeForge, Lantern - if it uses the SpongeAPI then it’s good enough for us.


Will you do this every year? I reckon it’s a great way to promote servers that are unique and promote them at the same time.

Unfortunately I’m still on writing the plugins for mine so it might be a year or two. :slightly_frowning_face:


Glad you are doing this - it will really help promote those small, unique servers that just need a influx of players to start it off. Seems like a great community we have here at Sponge :slight_smile:

I started using Sponge Forge recently and have been amazed at the performance of it. Better than anything I’ve ever seen.


Representing that SpoongeVanilla! :wink:


We’ve finalised our shortlist of servers for the Sponge World Tour.
Thanks for your many wonderful suggestions! We’ll keep the Tour itinerary a surprise, unless any of the chosen few want to make it known themselves. A diverse range of spongy experiences await our eager volunteers, and we hope you’re all looking forward to it too. Spongie herself can’t wait to see the Cake!



Thank you

to all the spongineers, server admins, players and staff who gave up their time to allow us to cavort on their servers, and to chat to us in the State of Sponge 17 - The Sponge World Tour. We are very grateful for all the help and co-operation, including all the loyal members of the Sponge Community for their help and ideas, and watching our Twitch livestream. Thanks also to the many, many developers who made and maintain the mods and plugins in the servers we visited. Honestly we could not have expected a better result, going through everything we planned to (albeit by running over time somewhat…).

There were many ups, some downs, a few pregnant pauses and some dead air, and one server crash, but all in all it showcased so many ways of using Sponge that it’s hard to take it all in at one sitting. The servers Almura and A’therys were visually stunning, with complex machinations behind the scenes. Dedicated builds on Phoenix Den and Illusioncraft were fantastic to see, and at long last CubeIsland and the CubeEngine suite of plugins were revealed to the spongy world. Letting our players compare two quite different versions of Skyblock on ModRealms and SkyColonies Official was thrilliing in itself, let alone the fun waiting for someone in the team to fall off.

We’ll do our level best to put the footage up on YouTube soon, and we hope that this will help to bring the word of Sponge beyond our present reach. Spongie is four and she’s ready to take on the world!

Many thanks to the Sponge staff who allowed me to pursue this crazy plan all the way to fruition, and especially to @mumfrey , @worm424 , @Vectrix , @dualspiral and @Zidane, without whom this event could never have happened. Sponge will keep growing and building, and we hope to see you all again next year to celebrate another fabulous Spongie Birthday Bash!


Is there a youtube etc link for those of us who were unable to catch live?


Hey TheBoomer,

You should be able to watch the VOD on our twitch channel