SpongyBackpacks - A simple backpacks plugin with Ender Chests or Shulker Boxes

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SpongyBackpacks is a simple Sponge plugins that provides backpacks for your players, accessible trough commands. The plugin is plug & play and comes with good defaults, so you don’t need to worry about configuring it, unless you want to apply some tweaks/limits.

Commands and descriptions

  • /sb create <rows, 1 to 6> [user]: creates a new backpack for you or user, if specified.
    By default, players can only have 2 backpacks, and 2 rows. If you want to change this, just set the option spongybackpacks.limit.backpacks or spongybackpacks.limit.rows respectively to a different value on your permission plugin.
    - spongybackpacks.command.create.own
    - spongybackpacks.command.create.others
  • /sb open [user]: opens the backpack with this specific name for you or for a player, if specified
    - spongybackpacks.command.open.own
    - spongybackpacks.command.open.others
  • /sb list [user]: lists the backpack of the specific user, or yours
    - spongybackpacks.command.list.own
    - spongybackpacks.command.list.others
  • /sb close : closes the inventory of player
    - spongybackpacks.command.close
  • /sb delete <drop items (true/false)> [user]: delete this backpack from your backpacks or from the user, if specified
    If drop items is true, the items will be dropped around you. If it’s false, the items will be voided.
    - spongybackpacks.command.delete.own
    - spongybackpacks.command.delete.others
  • /sb|spongybackpacks|bp|sbp|backpacks: main command
    - spongybackpacks.command.main

This plugin also adds the ability for players to open their ender chest by shift right clicking with the ender chest item in hand, if they have the spongybackpacks.enderchest permission. Make sure to grant them this permission before using that feature!

If you find any issues, report them to the plugin’s issue tracker. If you want, you can donate for me trough PayPal, my paypal email is [email protected].


how do you allow more then 2 rows? i tryed spongybackpacks.limit.rows.3 but doesnt work

Assign the Option (meta) value of spongybackpacks.limit.rows or spongybackpacks.limit.backpacks to the number of rows/backpacks a subject can have, on your permissions plugin. On luckperms you’d use /lp group default meta set spongybackpacks.limit.rows 5 to set the limit of rows to the default group to 5.


Hello, I want to bring this plug-in to China’s website www.mcbbs.net. Can I?

Hello, your plugin conflicts with the stackban plugin directive. The abbreviation is /sb

You can use /backpacks or /bp as well.

OK, I know, thanks a lot

Hello, I want to bring this plug-in to China’s website www.mcbbs.net. Can I?

I’m good with that.

I want to bring this plug-in to China’s website www.mcbbs.net. Can I?

Yes, you can…

Please provide a complete instruction to the player’s backpack
Thank you

I entered this directive /lp group default meta set spongybackpacks.limit.rows 5

But the server always reminds you: You can only create a 2 rows backpack!

Suggest to add lang folder

Is there a command node such as spongybackpacks.command.create.own/others that makes it so you can only create backpacks for yourself? If not that would be a great addition to the plugin.

Can i get a full list of permission nodes. I use LuckPerms and the nodes do not want to work. Only time any ofthe commands work is when i use the wildcards.

This might have a memory leak the plugin by it self uses nothing less then 700 mb of memory!!!

It doesn’t. It might be something to do with your server.

A new version has been released for SpongyBackpacks, it is available for download here.

  • Separate the backpack creation permissions
  • Fix plugin not giving backpacks via command blocks