Spoofing An Extra Player on My Server for an Admin Shop


So one of the plugins I’m using from Sponge is this really, really cool project called “Universal Market”. It’s a GUI-based trade solution that is easy-to-use and intuitive.

One thing it lacks is the ability to set up an admin shop (items sold by the server to players), and for my server, that’s all I’m looking to add right now. If I had a second account, I could simply give that account 9999 quantity of every item I want bought by players, along with 9999 gold so players can sell items to the fake player. I don’t have a second account, however, so I’m wondering if anyone knows a method for spoofing a character (e.g. log in with “Bank” or some other fake username).

You used to be able to do this somehow by turning off a setting in the server.settings, but I can’t recall that process having only ever heard of it, and never trying it. Perhaps sponge has an alternative method as well? I figured it was worth asking!


The setting your thinking of is “Offline mode” which disables the check that is done when logging onto the server to check if the account is a real account and what the Unique ID of that account is.

If you have ever developed with forge, you may know it has its own ability to debug, meaning you can use breakpoints and all that good stuff. It does this by launching a minecraft session with a offline account, this account is a random name (typically player55653).

As you are developing a sponge plugin, you can use this feature to create your “fake” player.


Interesting, thank you for that information! I’m guessing I can’t get around to making the player name something better? The plugin shows the seller, so it would be mildly disappointing (but not too horrible) to see “player94323” under the item.


Not as far as I know. It was probably done like that to prevent people from using it as a “cracked” edition. By changing the name, the player would never be able to consistently save their data on a server.

However you could make your own minecraft account the “fake” account in this situation and make the forge account the real account as its just for testing


You shouldn’t be using offline mode for this on a public server. Offline mode should only be used for testing purposes or for proxy servers like BungeeCord. It gives hackers extra access to your server and lets them impersonate other players. If you do want to do this, I would recommend you use a different plugin that lets players buy items directly from the server, or using a paid Minecraft account like @MoseMister just suggested (which does not require offline mode).



  1. No part of my plan included doing this on a live server - I’d pull it down first and make the changes, then re-launch with the shop all set up.
  2. There are no other plugins that provide a solid GUI shop experience within V5 so far as I know. RPG Shop has a decent text interface, though, so I may use that out of desperation since I’ve hit other snags with my Universal Market plan.
  3. MoseMister did not suggest buying a second account, nor do I intend to do that. I’d rather just have the seller appear as a random player.