SQL Shop like ShoppingCart Reloaded

need a plugin that will issue items from the MySQL database table.
That is - the player on the site buys items, they are saved in the database and are issued through the plugin. Like ShoppingCart Reloaded

RandomByte / ByteItems is similar.

The admin can save items to a database. Then command blocks, other plugins, or admins themselves can execute a command /byteItems give [player] <id> [amount] to give an item to a player.

Or did I misunderstand something? (ByteItems is not a shop)

it looks like a crutch.
look. the player on the website in the store section put some items in the basket - blocks and items (possibly enchanted). after payment, he must have a tool on the server to get his items (belonging only to this player), and not a list of items available for everyone to receive. It should look like a vault - like a chest - a player can take those things that he needs at this particular moment and leave the rest to be stored.