Start.bat not working anymore due to mods


I installed a few mods from mrcrayfish and others including:

  1. Gun Mod (MrCrayFish)
  2. Furniture Mod (MrCrayFish)
  3. Vehicle Mod (MrCrayFish)
  4. Securitycraft

My server is 1.12.2 and my mods are too
Gun and vehicle mod are new to me but Securitycraft and furniture mod aren’t im using this on another server with a server host and they just work fine, that server is 1.14.3

I had installed a few plugins and device mod from crayfish before and they were working fine to i decided to install the 4 mods listed above. I restarted the server to apply the changes and the start.bat made many red lines of car and gun mod so i deleted them to see if it was fixed, but then it said there were many Block ID’s missing for Furniture mod so i deleted that one too. It kept saying the same altough i deleted it and after many tries it said Securitycraft has many block ID’s missing, same story, i deleted securitycraft and it kept saying it was securtycraft. I was looking from wich path he was reading this and then i came across a line that said that “The server was saved with Securitycraft and that it was deleted” the server was not used because i could not start it because of the Block ID’s so how can it even save with a mod that was not used before… Now i deleted the whole folder “mods” the only thing thats in is the important things to load it, i also deleted start.bat and made a new one but it has the same.

All bugged mods are deleted and he still says block ID’s are missing for that mod. (Securitycraft & Furniture Mod)

This is important because im planning to build a big server and i cant even start it now because, respond quick this is pretty urgent!

Some screenshots of the folder and .bat file (nvm only can upload 1 because im new, sighs…)


The quick solution is to restart the world/apply a backup of the world.

The longer option is to apply the world to single player (making sure you have all the mods you have on the server) and trying to load it there. Normally forge will give you a option to remove the missing blocks and items, in my experience the single player edition of it works better to remove the blocks. It also give you a nice gui to remove them


Thanks for the tips! What funny is that just when you replied, i deleted all files because my world had not anything good in it yet and i reinstalled everything for the 2nd time now… it should work now im about to test it now it just warns that i can be overwritten items and that it indicates a broken mod but now it starts up at least i will see how it behaves we will keep contact!