State of Sponge II- 28/02/2015

Well, the spigot, the cauldron and the antenna were cute little details.
The references from other projects symbolize the (old) server modding community that was united by the Sponge project.

The face of the old Spongie is also much better than the new one.

It is not hard to create a clean vector version of it, and it would even be possible to replace the spigot with a wooden sword or something else…


Go for it then. Seriously, you want something different, do it. Put up, or shut up.
I am of the opinion that it is hard, which is why we have had very few contributions or offers.
The new Spongie seemed popular on SoS II, but we always get inconsistent levels of feedback. It’s often completely different people who give their opinions at the various stages, so there’s no continuity. We have had all of 4 people vote on their preference recently in the Staff forum, and general apathy outside. I’m rapidly getting sick of pushing this cart, only to have random passengers jump on and off. This is such a trivial waste of time.

That’s true, more than anyone you’ve been putting efforts on Spongie and feedback and help have been scarse to say the least. This is not a simple task.

is there a wildly ETA know, I checked every week now every month and i would love to try setting up my servers, I was at the head of a minecraft community till bukkit went down.

I cant stress enough that you guys should work out all the bugs and such, but I would love to have a rough ETA.
just to have a date to mark, no worries if its 6 or even 9 months away.

I wiss i could help code, but i’m not that great at it.

greets sasaa

I didn’t know that there is a need for a new spongie.

I will make a vector version of the old one and see how I can replace the “references”.
Do you have a high-res version of the old Spongie?

The original is here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
That’s the best I have. @Owexz and others may have other versions.
Good luck, and post any results on a new thread on the State of Spongie so we don’t clutter up this nice shiny new SoS II thread any further.