State of Spongie [WIP]

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State of Spongie

We have been working on getting a new vector art version of Spongie, mostly behind-the-scenes. This is due to a lack of quality versions of the original, and a desire to show the Sponge project independent of other modding works.

The original Spongie is a fine work, and encompasses many of the features that helped to draw the Sponge project together in the first place. Spongie carries a Cauldron, a Spigot, and has a Bukkit on their head. They look determined, valiant, cute, and slightly crazy. Indomitable little Spongie was fighting back against the loss of all we had loved in Craftbukkit and related projects.

A later version grew a moogle antenna to replace the Bukkit, and the Spigot became a Spout. This is where we got to the problems.

References to other projects are nice, but don’t allow Sponge (and Spongie) to stand alone. Sponge’s developers acknowledge and are deeply grateful for all the assistance from former and current developers of Bukkit, Craftbukkit, Cauldron, Spigot, Spout, Glowstone, and more. We no longer need to have the Sponge Mascot festooned with the Logos of other projects. It makes it all look very confusing to an outsider unfamiliar with the history, and may bring unwanted connotations to Sponge and/or the other referenced projects.

So we’ve been through a few pages of draft attempts, and engaged a graphic artist to rebuild Spongie. Two vector versions exist so far, based on limited feedback from ten preliminary sketches. These are available for perusal as jpg versions below, which were first shown to the public during State of Sponge II.

We still plan on refining the latter version, as it seems to have some acceptance. However, if anyone else wants to try their hand at drafting up their own vector art for Spongie, post it here. If we can find something that is generally accepted by the community, we can go with that (pending veto by the overlords…).


Spongie grows up so fast *sniffs*

I suggest keeping the shadow, it seems to make the difference between a flying block of cheese and a sponge. I’m not sure how, it just does.

The progress on Spongie is looking nice so far, regardless. Whoever is crafting it has done a good job.


I prefer the first one. Although I think it looks too much like a cheese I would exactly keep it as it is.

Is it just me or does the second spongie looks female?


It’s because of the catch light on the pupil. We’re trained to recognize watery/shiny eyes as being more feminine in animation and artwork.


Is spongie going to be the logo? or is the logo going to include spongie? Or is the current logo THE logo?

Would I be able to use Spongie on my own website? I’m a plugin developer and I plan on having a section on my website dedicated to sponge. I was just wondering if it would be alright to use Spongie maybe in some spots of my website.

He could even be used as a helpful cute guide in my YouTube videos, since I plan to make tutorials for the SpongeAPI.

I don’t want to use it and get some crazy copyright like that of which bukkit endured.


Non-commercial use of Spongie is acceptable. As long as you’re not trying to make money using Spongie, you are free to use the image, but please link back to this forum. We would like reciprocal rights with the use of the images - if you display Spongie, include a link back here so people can learn more of Sponge.

With that said, you might want to wait another week or so and we might even have a final version.

On the subject of the Logo: NO, Spongie is not the logo. He might wear it one day… once it is decided what the sponge logo will actually be.


I would see hosting companies go crazy with their websites. Good that it is licensed :smile:

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Looks like a cheese… I prefer the old one.

A Brief History of Spongie

Spongie was originally created by DragonsPainter on DeviantArt. It was first notice on the #sponge IRC, then posted on Reddit.

I liked the design but thought it was a little odd to include Spigot, Bukkit and Cauldron when they weren’t really related to Sponge, besides some developers working on it. Since the API is based off of Spout, and it is an implementation of Forge, I turned the cauldron into a forge, and labeled the spigot “spout”. I also removed the bucket and added the antenna because I intended on posting it to Reddit.

I don’t know who took it from there, but they removed the labels and used it for the Reddit icon and on the bottom of the main page.

I love that Spongie is still being used, and I think it’s awesome that the mascot is being developed by the community in the same way the whole project is.

My artistic opinion of the two pieces is that I prefer the second one. I like a touch of evil, but never go full evil. I think Spongie should be genderless (porifera reproduce asexually and have no gender), and the androgynous quality of the second one reflects that.
The worry that Spongie looks like cheese could be remedied by water droplets or having spongie in a little puddle. It could also be fixed by using a neon yellow, but that wouldn’t match the site’s color theme.


Perhaps to make it look more like a sponge you could add some drops of water?

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Let’s not forget!

Anyway, I think the mascot should have a slightly darker (shadowed) front to it (may help remove the yellow cheese-like look), and possibly make the head a bit thinner (not narrow, but the thickness behind the face)


Just to make double sure. If I were to make a YouTube video or a SpongeAPI tutorial. If the video was monetized, would that count as non-commercial use, since I wouldn’t be making money off of Spongie itself, but the video? Or would I just have to set those videos to not be monetized?

Also @strad do you know why Bukkit is spelled wrong on the Spongie picture?

@MrSparkzz I’m guessing artistic license on the part of DragonsPainter.

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The real issue is that we don’t want Spongie to be endorsing commercial products or services. If you happen to have ads on your site, or in your video queue, that should not a problem.

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It’s not just that, the eyelashes also contribute. That said, to truly look feminine they’d have to be longer at the outside.

Many thanks to @strad for the expanded history of Spongie.

Here’s Version 3 of the latest Spongie incarnation. Rejoice!


I prefer #3 over 1 and 2. But the old Spongie still looks best.

They all look very good but I’d prefer her less aggressive.

A mascot represents its community, and I’d really like Sponge community not to become like Bukkit. Spongie deserves to look strong and proud but most of all: friendly.

It’s just a matter of eyebrows :blush:

Good work guys