State of Sponge XIII - Something Spongy This Way Comes


Rejoice, Spongineers One and All, it has finally been agreed!
After Entmoot much delay and internal debate, a date has been decided:

State of Sponge XIII will happen on February 25th, 2017 at 21:00 UTC

All the usual crowd should be in attendance, and we’ll be tweaking the Sponge Community Server for the event - including a new Stage to keep the madding crowd at bay. Our lead developers will prove they can Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk, elaborating on the past, present and future of the project. Sponge has made it all the way to 1.11.2, and many great things have been accomplished in the months since we all got together.

If there are questions you want us to answer at SoS, please share them here so we can add them to the list.

:fireworks: We hope you can join us for the celebrations! :fireworks:

Join us at:
Note: The server IP is:

AFTERWORD: The official recording of SOS XIII is now available on YouTube!

Change password?
State of Sponge XIII postponed to February 25th


My man! That’s what I’m talking about!


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Hopefully there’ll be enough FLARD to go around :wink:


I can’t stop laughing. :deciduous_tree: :laughing:


My man!


What is “Sponge XIII”?
Which changes?


Slow down!


:applicable meme:

######(I don’t do culture… words are the best I’ve got :slight_smile: )


It’s (State of Sponge) Number 13.


State of (Sponge 13)


Wait, so where do I find the minecraft server that you guys are talking about?


I think the Minecraft server address is


Hope to make it. Thank you for all the hard work!
Just an FYI - the front page of still says SoS XIII is postponed until TBA.


Please post the links for us who were unable to catch it live to catch the video upload as soon as it is available.




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