State of Sponge XVI

Sate of Sponge XVI is over, thanks for coming!

## State of Sponge XVI is now live!
Join us at Twitch Stream: Twitch
Or hop on the Sponge Community server at

There’s less than a week to go until State of Sponge XVI, your favourite (and only) FLARD-based livestream event. This time around we’ve decided to spice things up a bit with some server-side mini-games, and other amusing activities throughout the stream. For those players not inclined to sit still whilst we stream, we hope there will be much to see and do. Please join us on

[discourse-chronos time=21:00;date=2018-04-28;format=LL HH:mm;timezones=America/Los_Angeles|Europe/London|America/Chicago|America/New_York;]

… and don’t forget to bring your old FLARDCoins!

Important Links

Server Address:
Twitch Stream: Twitch (usually live with music half an hour ahead of official start time)


Please ask any questions you have regarding any and all aspects of the Sponge Project, we welcome the opportunity to discuss important topics and inform the community. Please use any of the links above (Twitch, Twitter, Reddit and IRC) to tell us your question and with luck we can have a go at answering it for you!


State of Sponge XVI has started! Join us at Twitch and on vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2 at!

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If you’re interested you can watch the stream for now on Twitch. Thanks everyone for coming today, it was quite fun!

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I always miss it, that late work life :confused:

Anyone know when the VOD will be available on YouTube? I’m guessing not anytime soon considering XV and XIV is still missing too :disappointed_relieved:

You can watch them on twitch video

Nope, the VOD is down, just like the other ones. The link from the post:

I wish there were a recording available somewhere. Does anyone have a description of the highlights of what were talked about at this SoS?