State of Sponge XXIII & Plugin Competition

State of Sponge XXIII

State of Sponge XXIII is over, catch up here:

With API8/1.16.5 being wrapped up, we thought we ought to celebrate with a show! This time around we’re running a special Modded 1.16.5 event for you all to join.

You can install the modpack from here: (6.9 KB)
Alternatively, simply install:

  • Forge 36.2.39
  • Create-mc1.16.5_v0.3.2g
  • Flywheel-1.16-0.2.5.
    • Add JEI and client-side mods to taste.

Reminder that Java 8 (or 11) is required. 2GB+

State of Sponge XXIII is scheduled for the 5th of August at 21:00 UTC.
As usual you can join us in-game on and view the stream live on Twitch


Plugin Competition

It’s time for a return of the Sponge Plugin Competition! We wanted to keep things open-ended this round so we’ve decided on a scoring system that we hope will allow the most people to enter.
The competition is open to anyone submitting their plugin on Ore over the 3 month period between August 1st and November 1st 2023. (Though if you can please post your submissions below as well to help us keep track!)


1. Must be your own code
2. Must be for Sponge API 8+. (Bonus points allocated for API 8 + 10 + 11 support)
3. Must be a OSI-compliant license with a public-facing source repository.
4. Must be functional. Plugins that cannot run will be disqualified.
5. Plugins may either be new or ports from API 7 and lower.
6. Multiple submissions are allowed, however there is a maximum of 1 prize per user. (Allocated based on their highest-ranked submission)
7. You must be 17+ or have signed approval from your parent/guardian.
8. Plugins must be submitted on Ore after 2023-08-01 and before 2023-11-01.
9. Not open to plugins that were submitted to Ore before 2023-08-01.
10. Winner(s) will have 1 week to reply from time of contact else a replacement will be chosen. A community vote may be held to help aid the choice in replacement.


Scoring is done by a Panel of 3 Sponge Team Members
A rating out of 5 is allocated for the following:

1. Creativity - Inventiveness of the plugin, in terms of code (i.e. new approaches), gameplay (i.e. new or altered mechanics) or connection (i.e communication bridges, cross-server utilities).
2. Utility - Whether the plugin fills in a gap in the plugin ecosystem, bringing features not currently available to the API 8+ ecosystem.
3. Polish - User-facing documentation, command autocomplete, ease of interaction, config reloading.

A score out of 5 is allocated on each category, by each judge. [/15 per judge]

Bonus points are then added for multiple API version support (Independent jars are permitted):

Support for 2 API versions (e.g. API 8 + 10) [3 points]
Support for 3 API versions (API 8 + 10 + 11) [5 points]

Points are then summed to a total of 50 (45 points from judges, 5 from bonuses) and ranked accordingly.

The prizes will be given as Steam Gift Cards, of the following value for each place:

1st: $75
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

Good luck to everyone participating!

My plugins for the plugin competition.

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3. Must be a OSI-compliant license with a public-facing source repository.

What’s an OSI-compliant license?


Finally got my submissions all polished up and released:

Picono_435 / PicoJobs tested for API8, 10 and 11

Hello! I am submitting Journey to the competition: whimxiqal / Journey

It requires the SQLite JDBC Connector, which this plugin can provide: whimxiqal / SqliteLoader