StatHat vs PluginMetrics

I have been using PluginMetrics to track my plugin stats for a while now, but a lot of the times the PluginMetrics website is down. I have been looking around and have found StatHat. It seems good, and through my testing it is working perfectly. It has some benefits too, such as creating custom stats. Obviously, PluginMetrics also has its benefits. Does anyone have any opinions on using StatHat instead of PluginMetrics for plugin statistics?

It depends on how many stats you plan on tracking. StatHat is only free for up to ten.

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I didn’t realize that, I’ll stick with PluginMetrics until I get my own webserver running.

To be fair, per plugin, 10 is quite a lot of stats.

Yes, I totally agree with that. Are you saying I should make an account for each plugin?

That’s entirely up to you.