Status update - 11 September, 2014

Sounds great! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date :slight_smile:

This is so cool! xD Pick this one!

As an otherwise huge fan of JetBrains (and paying customer of IntelliJ), I really don’t see the point of using YouTrack instead of just using the GitHub issue tracker, both because of that most developers have probably already used it, but also because of things like cross-linking issues between both upstream dependencies and downstream plugins as relevant, with automatic backlinks.

Should’ve been SpongeBob lol

Here`s some ideas for the logo. Icon or Text? Or both? :smile:
(sry i dont can insert pictures)

This is really god :o Better than my ideas :smiley:

lol I like that idea haha Sponge Squeeze >_<

Did the staff think about using GitHub for their version control and issue tracking? Never heard of YouTrack…

Aren’t we already? YouTrack ist just better on big-scale projects.

Ohh, gotcha! Didn’t know we were using it already :stuck_out_tongue:

signs up for PR team

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Much agreed. Looks great. Probably one of the best logos I’ve seen so far.
Maybe a low poly render for the title - to minimize page loads? It doesn’t effect me, as my internet is fast - it’s just I design some sites and I think the faster the load times the better.

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The speed impact is very minor, and only applies on the first page load anyway.

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Really cool logo xD

Im ready to stalk the issue tracker 24/7 :D, good work sponge team

I’ve proposed it on the official logo thread: Submit your logo design - #8 by vemacs

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Is it just me, or do others think “Service Pack” when they see “Sp”? :slight_smile: I do like the proposed logos though. :slight_smile:

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Nice update! I think Sponge will be a very good alternative to Bukkit.

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This is nice, I’m working on the logo, I have a great Idea :slight_smile:
Edit, so I made two but and I posted them in the Offlical logo thread:

Vote here : Submit your logo design - #45 by Zaver


Vote here: Submit your logo design - #35 by Zaver