Status update - 11 September, 2014

Here’s what’s going on:

  • We are in the process of applying for an open source license of YouTrack and setting it up. YouTrack is an issue tracker which we will use to track what’s on the project and community’s todo list.
  • Until we setup the issue tracker, we will not be very well able to organize the development effort, so it’s currently a top priority issue.
  • For pull requests, we plan to have them managed on the issue tracker using the process outlined below (this process also happens to be a work in progress).
    • The process is expected to start with someone logging a new issue requesting a feature (or bug fix). Two or more handlers from the team will be responsible for reviewing the request, discussing it with the team, and responding to the submitter.
    • If the team believes that the feature is warranted, then the issue will be marked as “accepted.” If the submitter (or someone else) is willing to implement the feature, then the issue will move to “in progress” to notify everyone that someone is working on it.
    • Once a pull request is ready, it will be reviewed by a committee. Unless the addition involves a lot of breaking changes, there will be a time limit (to be announced) for a decision to be made by (so pull requests don’t sit for eternity).
    • If the pull request is not up to the necessary standards, the pull request will be rejected, but the corresponding issue will be kept open, though its state will be brought back to “accepted,” declaring that no one is currently working on the issue but it is a feature that the team feels fits with the goals of Sponge.
  • Feature requests and bug reports (without any intent to contribute code by the submitter) will be handled in a similar fashion except they will be kept as merely “accepted” until someone steps up to write the code.
  • It will not be necessary to wait for us to confirm that we will accept your suggestion (as we cannot stop you anyway), but making use of the process means that you do not waste your time on a feature that we may not be able to accept.
  • If you are currently trying to contribute to the Sponge project, please do not copy Bukkit’s code or ideas verbatim. We have a chance to fix long standing issues: if something in Bukkit was overly complex or kludgey, think of a better way to do it.
  • For the developer form that we put out, we have not yet been able to go through the submissions. Please bear with us.
  • We are still looking for a new logo. The yellow “Sp” is (probably) temporary.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter!
  • Redditors can subscribe to our subreddit

Thanks for the update :smiley:

should we be using ‘meta’ or ‘suggestions’ for suggestions? I’m still confused about that.

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Sounds great. Good luck.

The Meta category is for the forum itself. The Feedback and Suggestions category is for Sponge.


Sounds like a good concepts. Organisation and structure are the most important things when starting a community driven project, like this :slight_smile: good luck

Thanks for the update. Very inspiring to see the all the different communities come together.

Awesome update guys! Thanks :smiley: #GoCommunities!

Hopefully the PR review is more friendly than Bukkit’s.

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That’s a very good and well planned issue system, I like it.

I just wanted to say thank you for this project and for the time you have spent on it. It’s so awesome to see the process!

I would like to suggest using a logo created by @vemacs, which is definitely the best I’ve seen so far:


Personally I think it would be best to let the artists themselves propose their own logos. They may also have newer revisions that they’d want to propose.

We should probably make a thread solely dedicated towards logo proposals too.

What if the community wants to be part of the review process, like adding suggestions, giving hints and ideas? I feel like this could easily go into a very closed process.

The community is always free to chime in on PRs and give suggestions but unless we have a set system in place it will be absolute chaos.

Many of the discussions should take place on the issue tracker so it should be open.

Thanks for the update. It’s really great to watch this whole project come together.

May i suggest the issue tracker be code named “Squeeze” ? I and others in IRC think it fits well :smile:


Thanks For Update , Good luck ^^" :smiley: