Status Update - 12 November, 2014

Same. I’d be happy to help out.

Ok guys, if you haven’t noticed, I did some edits to the above post to include a new form that you can fill out to apply for the wiki team. Otherwise check it out here. Thanks for the quick feedback.

I totally didn’t just find the wiki. Glad to see sponge is still making progress! :slight_smile:


Is the API still in need of any Developers? If so I’d be very interested. I won’t spout my credentials here, but I assure you I could be of great help.

Euh? API in need … of developers? Sorry I don’t understand you :confused:.

Anyway thanks for the update :smiley:. Can’t wait to start working on the wiki.

@thomas15v Developers… as in…

Oh… . Well I guess you will have to proof yourself in (good) contributions before you get accepted. I gave it up honestly…

Well I am fully qualified and won’t give up. Hopefully the current project leads contact me so that I will be able to to prove myself. I taught myself Java when I was only a Sophomore in High School and have developed my own popular Bukkit Plugins, published Android Apps, and a lot more. All of which I taught myself how to do, so hopefully they will see I am a quick learner AND good at what I do.

You misunderstood me. I wouldn’t count on it. I also filled in that form (like many of us) and we didn’t got a response. The best way to get involved with the project is understanding the source on github. Try to write improvements or things that should be in the API or implementation. And send a Pull Request to Sponge. I have to tell, not many Pull Request get accepted immediately. But I have seen it happen here:

(note that @modwizcode is now an developer on the forums).

I did not misunderstand you. I will contribute to this project. I know what I am doing. I am not just some Java hobbyist. I truly mean no offense… but what makes you the authority on how Sponge development works? You seem to just try to post on as many threads as you can…

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Good question. I don’t have any authority. I am just giving you the information I know, by following this project closely. I don’t know exactly how people get involved.

I based the speculations on these facts:

  • On the homepage their stands “fork us on github”.
  • Most people that become sponge-developer have contributed on github.
  • If you read trough the forums, you will get hints that most people didn’t got an email from the project leaders.

I try to avoid the off-topic section ;). And yes I am pretty active. If the unread posts counter stands on zero, I start to get close to a depression (sarcasm).

Haha well that’s fair. I’m very interested in contributing, so I will look into it. But I should focus on my Android apps and University studies, since I can actually make money from those. I will just see how it works out.

Hehe, I also have the same problem xD. I should make a pong game (with co-op multiplayer :sleeping:) for my bachelor studies. But no I am making plugins, long tuto’s, maven repo’s,… For sponge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

If you haven’t been contacted at this point, you won’t be. We already sent out our contact emails a while ago.

@thomas15v I have a 17-20 page History paper to write, I have to make a calculator in LC-3 Assembly, a file search hash table type thing, and I currently need to design and implement a basic processor. But… I instead I am looking into Sponge API.

What if we didn’t apply back then but want to assist now? Is it too late?

Do you mean a circuit diagram?

Knowing assembly is really an advantage for coding :smile:. Especially for the way sponge is implemented. They are using a mix of bytecode manipulation and wrappers. I am sure that if you know assembly, you can be very helpful to the sponge project.

Its never to late, just don’t stop caring :smile:.

I already figured that out ;). (Or the mail is lost somewhere in my inbox mesh.)

Essentially. But Most of it’s parts will be written in Cedar Logic so it will actually be able to “run.”

With my current schedule I may be better suited to just develop plugins once the API is done to be honest. haha

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There’s also another google doc, SpongeApiOverview by @IDragonfire

If Sponge team is looking for translators, I could help out translating to spanish. Im from Spain and it would be a pleasure for me to help.