Status Update - 24 May 2015

It’s been a very busy week for the Sponge Team, so this announcement will be very brief so that we can get back to work!

Greetings from the SpongeDocs News Desk.

We have new staff members!
Ardent contributors @Saladoc and @boformer have been promoted, recognising their outstanding contributions and collaborations. This includes membership of the Docs group on GitHub, and access to the amazing PR preview system created by @gratimax .

Docs Development
There are also many new API pages, and they continue to expand and update. Commands, Text, Blocks, Dependency Injection are well rounded, and there is more on the way. Work continues around the clock and around the globe to refine the SpongeDocs. Bring us more of whatever you have, issues, contributions or proof-reading penguins. Help is always appreciated.

Minecraft Forge Docs
Forge have recently started their own Read-the-Docs project.
In the spirit of collegiality, we invite our contributors who feel both informed and inclined to help them with their documentation on GitHub, or just read and learn.

Thank you for reading SpongeDocs, Play Safe Out There.


Since we invited organisations to submit sponsorship offers, we’ve received an excellent response!
We are still in the process of reviewing all of our offers and assessing our overall plans, we will respond to everyone once we have decided upon our best course of action.

As always, you can donate to us via our Patreon, everything you can give helps us a great deal;

State of Sponge IV

Date Change

In order to sync SoS IV to a month before Minecon, we are changing the date to Saturday the 6th of June, still held at 9PM UTC as per usual.

You can find your local time here:,540,cn3

Open invitation for Plugins

Do you want your plugin and name to be featured in State of Sponge IV? Sponge is searching for some cool plugins both to showcase the community’s creativity as well as to give some much-deserved attention to interesting plugins and plugin authors. All you need to do is submit your plugin it in this thread and we’ll review the plugin for public testing during a 30 minute session of SoS4.

Requirements for your plugin to be reviewed:

Code must be on GitHub for us to read and compile
Plugin must provide some awesome feature
Plugin must be in a clear human readable form (no obfuscation, no obfuscated dependencies)
Plugin must not be malicious (a given)
Plugin must not advertise
Reply with the following application form:

Plugin Name: {name}
Plugin Author: {author}
Plugin Description: {description}
Plugin Repository: {somewhere on github}

Awesome. Good work again Sponge!

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I need to wait another week for state of sponge 4?! GRRR


Sorry for my bad english ( Im italian ) , when sponge server release i can do a pixelmon server with plugins ?

I will leave my plugin here :smiley:

Plugin Name: ExtraChat
Plugin Author: Buuz135
Plugin Description: A chat plugin where you can customize all the chat parts; Channels, Word blacklist, give your custom format for anything in the chat (PM, normal chat), Broadcaster, Tags and Showing items in chat.
Plugin Repository:

The team is making an awesome job on sponge.

I’ll second that.

Plugin Name: BLWarps
Plugin Author: Zirconium (Robert Herhold)
Plugin Description: A warp plugin where you can set custom warp points all over your world. You can add warps to groups for more customizable permissions, or simply use the per-warp permissions. There are 3 different storage methods: Flatfile, SQL, and REST API
Plugin Repository: GitHub - RobertHerhold/BLWarps: Sponge plugin for warping players

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Forgive my bad italian “È possibile eseguire qualsiasi mod sulla spugna, dipende dell’autore mod per farlo funzionare.”