Sticky tutorial threads?

Hey guys,

Might I suggest that for this plugin development section we have a few sticky threads that contain tutorials on porting your mod, handling config files, terrain generation, multithreading etc; This would help new developers start making plugins quicker and help old bukkit devs find out how certain aspects have changed.

Then everyone can keep the tutorials updated.


Yay, wiki @worstboy!
And @El_Minadero here’s one similar if you’re coming from bukkit.

Yep its pretty similar to what I had in mind, but its very limited in scope.

Personally I’m very interested in chunk generate and load events, as well as getting and setting block data. Yes, a wiki would be the best option but it doesn’t seem we will have one for awhile.

There wont be an API to use for a while.
I’m sure the wiki will be added before the API is “released”.
I don’t see why you need a tutorial already.
Almost nothing is 100% final yet and things will be changing a lot.


@worstboy Good point
I guess I’m just a little impatient because I’ve yet to figure out how to put stairs correctly on my procedurally generated structures in the bukkit API, and then realized that was a moot point xD. But as always, patience is a virtue. I’ll wait

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