Stop itemMerge of spawned item

I try to stop a spawned item from stacking with each other.
I create the item like its described in the docs:

ItemStack gold = ItemStack.builder().itemType(ItemTypes.GOLD_INGOT).build();
    gold.offer(Keys.DISPLAY_NAME, Text.of(TextColors.GOLD, "Gold"));

    Extent extent = _spawnLocation.getExtent();
    Entity item = extent.createEntity(EntityTypes.ITEM, _spawnLocation.getPosition());
    item.offer(Keys.REPRESENTED_ITEM, gold.createSnapshot());

I then spawn them when a mob gets killed by a player. If they stack i cant work with them correctly.
Is there a way to set a max stack size or something similar?

I tried to cancel the ItemMergeItemEvent but it just never gets called, i dont know why.

I didnt find a way to change the maxStackSize yet. I used the workaround that items with different lore dont merge, so that works.

Listen for the ItemMergeItemEvent and check if one of the items are one of your dropped items

If you make the lore modification consist entirely of color codes, you won’t have any strange display properties either.