Stop spaming topics like me or you will be ban for 3 days or more

if your like my and you make like 3 or more topics then stop
plz close the topic in like the next day
i got ban for 3 days so ya stop spaming topics


Is english your first language?

no wetsponge why

not the best at spelling
but u sould get message may be
the message is for spamers like me to stop making a lot of topics at once

And i wondered why the forums were rather quiet the last 3 days…


its may be me not make FREAKIN topics for 3 days

You should think about the reasons for the ban.
No one gets banned without reason :wink:


its because for making a lot of topics that are just no reason

Like, for example, this one?


making a topic called random things and one called random sutff
and more just forgot

Please stop. Use a spellcheck plugin to check your spelling, and only create a topic if it is really necessary.

If you want to talk about non-sponge related things, visit minecraftforums/reddit/…

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