Stopping command confirmation

Hello, i recently added few sponge plugins on my server, and now, each time i press stop on the control panel of the server, the console ask me to confirm by typing /stop -y [reason] .
here’s how it goes :

[Server] Server thread/INFO You are about to shut down the server. Would you like to continue? Run /stop -y [message] to confirm
me typing the stop -y command
[Multicraft] Terminating server via signal
[Server] Server Shutdown Thread/INFO Stopping server
[Server] Server Shutdown Thread/INFO Saving players
[Multicraft] Server shut down (terminating)
[Multicraft] Looks like a crash, check the server console. Return value: 143
[Multicraft] Server stopped

I asked the support of my hosting service, but they told me that this is due to a plugin, and i can’t find the source of it.

I looked trough many config files of plugins, but can’t find it, that /stop -y command wasn’t here before.

thanks for reading, and hope someone can help me on this one

It’s not Sponge doing that. Please provide a list of the plugins and mods you have installed (or a link to a server.log file), because it’s one of them doing it. That, or the panel itself.