Stress Test plugin request

Hey guys I’m looking for a plugin that will generate npc players that will wander about like a normal player and will be targeted by mobs. Along with this, they will load new chunks.

This is to help stress test a server to make sure the correct amount of resources are allocated to the VM of a server for the player traffic expected.

I know it won’t 100% replicate the scenario but it’ll provide an idea of what needs to be allocated.

Doing all the work of emulating NPC players would make the results wildly inaccurate.

Your result would be far more accurate by having some kind of client that emulates multiple players.

While I agree with your reply, wouldn’t that also put a large strain on the client PC as well?

I think emulating players by both ways you described is to difficult.
The most stressful actions a player can perform should be emulated:

  • loading chunks
  • activate redstone machines
  • let water flow(like when a player empties a bucket of water very high)
  • produce entities(most likely item drops)
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