Suggested topics - show other categories as well

Currently the “suggested topics” list at the bottom of every topic only shows other topics in the same category as the on you are currently reading.

I must say that I preferred the previous way, where you could see posts from all categories in the list, as it was very easy to keep on top of new topics and posts. With the amount of categories and subcategories that the forums are currently sporting, the amount of times you have to go back to latest to find more unread topics is a little tedious. Especially compared to the previous grand total of once per forums visit :slight_smile:

Of course, this is all rather subjective, and my obsession with reading everything might be an edge case. What do the rest of you spongineers think?


Personally I use the New / Unread tabs, and use the subscription? options on the categories to make sure it’s tracking what I’m interested in.

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On my desktop I typically use the “New” and “Unread” pages, but on my phone being able to jump to the next unread/new topic from another topic is much faster and more convenient than opening all the topics in separate tabs.