[Suggestion] : Improving Forum activities

Hey ! So i’ve noticed that the Like system in the forum is not like enough to explain what i think of it !
My idiea :

  • Vote for Reply in a post !
  • *The Post with the most up vote get on the start (Making it easier to find a solution to a problem )
  • Reply System : User 1 reply to User 2, User 3 want to reply to User 2 message, instead of joining the long list of other reply to the post , User 3 Message will appear as a reply For user 2 *( More Like facebook… Hope the example was clear … i’m confused wow gg )
  • Online User List !

Thanks For reading ^^

There is a reply system (REPLY button on every post), and you can quote stuff by just selecting it.

The discussion is displayed in this flat style to make it easy to see the new posts. Also, it’s more like a “real” conversation.

It’s a good idea to have an online user list :wink:

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the problem is that the reply is kind not noticable (my opinion)

It is hard to reply to the discussion in the middle, but the button at the bottom (orange) is pretty noticeable to me. The button at the top does fade out, so I can agree that it’s hard to find the reply there at first. I think they make it fade out to more emphasis on the community responses though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. I usually use the bottom reply button too. I agree that it does focus more on community responses, which isn’t a bad thing :wink:

I think an online user list would definitely be good too, maybe with a separate section for staff so we can know when they’re out and about troubleshooting/updating/whatnot (Well, maybe that’s begging for them to get bothered. On that note, perhaps mood messages or something along those lines could help alleviate that issue)

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If you expand the bar of the first post you can summarize big threads,