[SUGGESTION] In-built metrics API

This is my idea for an in-built metrics api similar to MCMetrics
Ideally, this would be linked to a centralised API endpoint, if sponge has a version of BukkitDev it might be linked to this?

Should log

  • Custom Events
  • Load time (average/fastest/slowest)
  • Times loaded
  • Times error occurred
  • Times crash occurred because of the plugin

MetaData included

  • Server IP
  • Server name (server.properties)
  • Server port
  • Server OS
  • Memory allocated
  • Java version
  • Stack trace (errors)
  • Custom meta (set by plugin)

API Specs (Java)

  • Api.event(eventname, pluginname)
  • Api.error(message, pluginname, stacktrace?) – Should be built into Error logger?
    Both of these return a MetricData which has the following methods
  • metricdata.setMeta(name, value)
  • metricdata.getMeta(name)
  • metricdata.send()

API Specs (Web)

API Blueprint: TODO

This is just my idea and i probably haven’t written it the best way, leave an ideas you have beelow!


While it is certainly useful, this requires a central set of API endpoints that must be always-running. I feel like this will be an extra burden on the sponge team, and will honestly be too much of a problem.

In addition, I wouldn’t really classify this as a core Minecraft feature. Sponge’s problem domain is to provide a coherent set of interfaces for core Minecraft features, and metrics is just not part of that vision.

That being said, you are totally free to create a metrics plugin for Sponge on your own API server. This may be considered once the Sponge ecosystem develops considerably and there is a need for metrics.

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Ok… granted this is a little gray-area because it is a developer side feature but it is still not a developer interface into the minecraft server. This will be the job of a plugin like it always has been.

I know a lot of people don’t like to have their server info uploaded elsewhere. I recall quite a few angry people when a few plugins silently implemented stats in their plugin, and caused them to lose some users.

Also, this feels more like an implementation rather than an API, so not sure how well it fits into Sponge. (Which I think is what RobodudeMC said, but not entirely clear)

Has anyone bothered to ask @Hidendra if he will be releasing MCStats for Sponge yet?

Hmm so how about if developers want to use their own kind of metrics? Like a self coded one, or using google analytics or something will that be ok?

Yes, I will be.


Well, there went this thread… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would prefer as a server owner Not to use a plugin if it has metrics, particularly when these metrics are there when there is no official metric setup, like in bukkit.