[Suggestion] ItemStackUtil instead of ItemStack

Bukkit’s way to create ItemStacks was the ItemMeta. But i suggest a ItemStackUtil class. Means you can create ItemStacks like normal but you can use a Method from ItemStackUtils also. This shoud look like ItemStackUtil.creatItemStack(Material m,double damage,double count,String display,String[] lore);
I hope you guys can implement this. Thank you

I think this might confuse new people on which method to use.

I mean you CAN use the old ItemMeta but when you have to create complete Inventorys it meigth be better to have those UtilClasses


What’s wrong with the ItemStackBuilder?

Cool. i dont know that this class exsits :laughing:

Mind changing the title? It’s kinda misleading and broad.

is that better?

Heh, I was kinda waiting for him or a mod to do it, but yeah, that’s way better :smiley: