Suggestions for player protection areas plugin?

I am looking for a player protection plugin that will protect certain areas similar to Griefprevention. Reason for this is because I am using Permission Manager to handle my permissions. The developers of Griefprevention do not plan to support Permission Manager when I tried contacting them on their Discord and they were quite rude to me when I explained my issue and what permission plugin I was using.

So is there any others that work with Permission Manager I could use for my server I own? I have a fairly decent sized community and I want them to be able to protect their things, but it is hard. I tried using PEX but applying permissions didn’t work 50% of the time and when I reloaded PEX it broke other plugins until I restarted the server. I really like how extremely user-friendly Permission Manager is which makes more sense to use over others. So I hope someone can suggest something that works for PM that works with protecting players stuff. I would appreciate it.

I’m sure @blood has his reasons. Why not use PEX?

What are the reasons? Maybe I could help.

I believe that the issue with other permission plugins is that they do not support contexts. PEX and LuckPerms are currently the only two permissions plugins that support this feature, which GriefPrevention requires. You would need to get the author of PermissionManager to include support for this feature in his/her plugin.

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PermissionManager supports contexts. So, it should support GriefPrevention.

I’ve never tested GriefPrevention with PermissionManager, but if it supports contexts then I believe it should work. Don’t quote me though, you would need @blood to confirm this.

I should test it, but if GriefPrevention needs contexts, it should works fine with PermissionManager. I will update the wiki with some examples to manage the contexts.

@TrenTech PEX just has issues. I know I was not using it wrong in any way. I tried literally everything and I simply have issues with it. Like one example when I try to apply permissions to groups literally for whatever reason half of many permissons refuse to apply properly some will but some won’t no matter how much I apply them. What makes things worse making any changes to certain permissions can break things such as Griefprevention and other plugins unless you completely restart the server. Not sure why it happens but it does. PEX is just to much of a pain to mess with I don’t feel like restarting the server 2-3 times to finally get something to work. More so it is annoying to many times I set a certain permission to true it won’t make it true. Once I switched to Permission Manager I had no issues similar I could apply permissions with ease and they actually apply and work properly as it should, but PEX refuses to apply permissions I want true and or false for certain groups even when it says it put them as false and or true it doesn’t really apply the said change. How I see PEX in how it handles things it seems very conflicted and misses a lot of logic and common sense type of points where. When something is set to true it should be true, but it like it forces a default so no matter how much you try to change a certain permission to true it refuses to set said permission to that state even with the commands to change the said permission to true and or false. It is quite annoying applying the same command over and over in a attempt to set 1 permission to true and it never works, but it will work for certain other permissions, but not all. PEX seems extremely broken for most common plugins such as GP, EssentialCMDs, etc. It can work perfectly fine with most of the essentialCMDs commands but some I want true for certain groups it simply does not work. Same goes for GP for some groups and permissions it will apply them effectively then others no matter how many times I type in the command to set the permission to true it refuses to apply the change. More so it breaks the plugins at times where people are unable to do anything until I reset the server. PEX has been a huge headache I rather not have to stress for hours or days to finally get it to work.

Over complexity and absolute no simplicity with PEX and half of it does not seem to work. So I won’t be using PEX.

@djxy I installed GriefPrevention and have worked on trying to get it to work for the past few hours with little success. A extreme few of the commands from Griefprevention works, yes but the core features in the mod itself does not work. The developers on their Discord says Permission Manager does not work with GP and neither do they plan on supporting PM. They refused to acknowledge the issues with PEX and they were a bit rude on Discord to me. So that did make me lose a bit of faith with the mod more so with PEX that they will play favoritism over real issues.

You could check Redprotect. Reprotect add specials features to PM.

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Here are a few issues I found just by skimming through PM’s code

Transient data completely ignored

Default subject isn’t even implemented properly

Until PermissionsManager properly implements Sponge’s Permissions API, GP will never work.