So, I’m not too sure exactly how much control sponge would have with all of this, but hopefully some of the stuff I mention can be added. (Most of this stuff is focused on pixelmon)

  1. More mob options
    Minecraft has a mob cap which is calculated as such: mobCap = constant * chunks / 289
    Where the constant for mobs are as follows:
    Hostile = 70
    Passive = 10
    Ambient (Bats) = 15
    Water (Squids) = 5
    I would love to see the option to be able to change these constants from the configuration. (I believe that these constants may also be affecting max pixelmon spawning, because even though I have doubled max spawn for pokemon and spawn rate in pixelmon.hocon, I haven’t seen any real changes.)

Next, want to be able to control the different spawn ranges (as indicated on
As of right now, we can control the outer two ranges, which for a regular vanilla server is enough, but for pixelmon where the mobs aren’t coming straight at you, having the ability to change the 24m range to somewhere closer (so that mobs spawn closer to the player, rather than far away) would help in terms of how many pokemon are available close to the player.

  1. Change ‘speed’ at which warnings for “Player/Vehicle moved too quickly!” “Player moved wrongly” go out. I’ve seen in multiple threads and posts people complaining about that, but nothing has been done (and no explanation why it wouldn’t be possible either).

  2. Ability to block users from joining with certain mods straight from the sponge config. (Although it could be spoofed, it would prevent a majority of people from joining with certain mods)